This Corvette Club was formed to promote the interests of all Corvette owners and enthusiasts, and expects all members to:

  • Abide by the laws & rules of the Club
  • Promote goodwill in all activities
  • Honour commitments given to the involvement in organised Club activities and to members
  • Respect the property, rules and possessions of others, visited by Club members on Club events
  • Attend Club meetings and activities where possible
  • Respect the elected committee members and their duties
  • Where possible, to join in and help committee members to organise events etc. that will benefit all.

The Queensland Corvette Club is incorporated according to the Incorporation Act of 1990 and has been issued with a set of model rules to act as a constitution in accordance with the Justice Department.  However, to enable to the Club to run happily and efficiently, and to let all prospective new members know how the Club operates, the By-Rules are available for perusal at monthly Club meetings or by contacting the secretary.