Convoy Rules

The following is intended as a guide to the behaviour expected of members and guests whilst participating in a club run.  These guidelines are crucial to ensuring the safety of participants and members of the public, and to ensure participants arrive at the destination as a group.

We encourage members go to organise runs, dinners, weekends etc. and have a certain decorum that must be followed to ensure safety, maintain a schedule and encourage light hearted fun.

1  - If you put your hand up to attend an event and your situation changes, be respectful and let the organisers know.

 2  - Make sure you allow time to fuel up before you arrive at the meeting point.

 3  - If you are unexpectedly running late, let the organisers know.

 4  -  If you are the trip leader make sure you have your mobile phone on and charged, and the number available to all participants on the day.  Equally, participants should have the run leaders mobile number and some idea of the route and destination.

 5  -  Listen to instructions at the briefing, ask any questions then.

 6  -  After departing, all Corvettes remain together, civilian vehicles last.

 7  - Don't commit the cardinal sin of overtaking the trip leader.  It's their run, please allow them the dignity of leading.

 8  - If you are not the last car and you make a turn or go through lights that change, wait for the next vehicle behind to catch up.

 9  -  You may safely overtake other Corvettes behind the leader.

10 - Most importantly, at the end of the run please show your appreciation by thanking the organisers. 

We encourage all members to suggest club events and thank those who go to the effort of organising runs for the enjoyment of fellow members.  Your Events Co-ordinator and our Committee members openly offer to assist with the planning of runs so please don't ever think your great idea will be "too hard."

Thank you, on behalf of the Club President and fellow committee members.

Convoy Structure:

A car convoy is made up of three parts: A -Trip Leader, B - Members cars, C- Tail-end Charlie

A: Trip Leader

1. The TL must obey speed limits at all times, remembering that the rear of the convoy may be a long way back.
2. Constantly view mirrors to ensure the convoy is not spacing out too far.
3. If a lot of traffic lights are encountered, it may be necessary to pull over somewhere safely to reform.
4. A generous use of indicators when changing direction.
5. Inform the group prior to departure of the destination and any stops (perhaps a map).
6. If the convoy is too large to keep together form a couple of groups.

B: Members' cars

1. Do not overtake the TL.  Safe overtaking within the convoy is acceptable.
2. Watch the TL for passing (use indicators)
3. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front (at least 2 seconds behind at 100 km/h)
4. Do not let the car in front out of sight.
5. Flash your lights if in trouble.
6. Non-Corvettes at the rear of the convoy, but in front of Tail-end Charlie.

C: Tail-end Charlie

1. Keep visual contact with the Trip Leader (if possible).
2. Ask passenger to use 2 way radio or mobile to contact Trip Leader when necessary.
3. Contact Trip Leader if the cars at the rear have to travel too fast to keep up.

Please drive safely!