Queensland Corvette Club History

The Queensland Corvette Club was formed after the “Corvette Owners Association of Queensland” dissolved in mid 1980’s.  Our founding member, Con Milos, had been an office holder and dedicated member of that club since he was eighteen years old.

Con had started a registry of Corvettes and their owners many years prior to 1989.  In October of that year he contacted every Corvette owner and placed an ad in the Courier-Mail with the hope of gathering enough interest to start another club.  The response was positive and the first unofficial meeting was held in McDonalds where Con was elected as President.  Fourteen dedicated enthusiasts and their family attended the club’s first official meeting, some of whom are still active in the club today.

Membership grew quickly and the club became incorporated in 1991.  The club has had 535 members over the past fourteen years with our current financial membership being 155 not including partners and family.  The club has always been active in promoting the Corvette marque providing varied and exciting displays at Motor & Hot Rod Shows as well as attendance at numerous motoring events and parades open to the public.  In 2006, Corvettes were the Marque for the prestigious "Noosa Classic Car Show" and their committee was thrilled to draw the biggest crowd in the history of the event.

The Club’s involvement with “Camp Quality” has enriched the lives of all the members that support these events and offers them the opportunity to share their Corvettes and hearts with others.  The Club also helps their charity to fundraise, with the Chandon Supper Club being an annual event on our club calendar.

One of the many highlights for the Club was the 1998 Club Concourse held at Sanctuary Cove with 127 Corvettes on display attracting more than 22,000 visitors on the day.  The Club’s 10th Anniversary Dinner in 1999 was held at the Chifley and had many of the original members in attendance.  Likewise, a 15th Anniversary Dinner was held in Robertson, Brisbane and was another good re-union opportunity for some of our original members.

The 13th Annual Corvette Convention, "Fun in the Sun," hosted by the Club in 2001 was a huge success with entrants from every state in Australia and an entrant from New Zealand.  The Club hosts this National event every six years and we repeated that success at Easter this year with the "Corvette Heaven-2007" Convention being held at the Radisson, Gold Coast.

In 2002, the Club held an Official Indy Support Event on the Gold Coast combining the Concourse and Gymkhana to provide a memorable weekend. 2003, being the 50th Anniversary of Corvettes, we were again involved with the Indy 300 and to celebrate this milestone we had the honour of doing the Drivers Parade Laps on the Gold Coast with 39 Vettes for the V8 Supercar Drivers and 24 Vettes for the Indy Champcar Drivers.  It was great to see our cars on National television!

2007 sees us again hosting our Indy Muscle Car Show 'n' Shine / Gymkhana (our 6th year) at the Broadwater Car Park, Southport, on the week-end before Indy.  We have also invited numerous other like-minded Car Clubs to join us, to make it a true "Muscle-Car" gathering.

Another highlight of 2008, has been an invitation to one of our members to bring their highly modified Gold 1962 C1 Corvette to attend the "Carlisle Corvette Car Show," in Pennsylvania, USA.  This is the largest gathering of Corvettes in America and our member's car is considered to be one of the "Top 12 Modified" Corvettes in the world at the moment.

The Club website www.qldcorvetteclub.com.au links Corvette enthusiasts World Wide and the Club continues to grow from strength to strength with the PASSION and ENTHUSIASM of Corvette Owners, the comradeship of members, the dedication of the many hardworking committees and the support of sponsors.



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