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Up-dated: 14th September 2017


Meeting Venue

Our monthly club meetings are held at 7:30pm on the last Wednesday of each month at the Beenleigh Tavern, 114 distillery Rd, Beenleigh, QLD 4207.  Check our event calendar for exact dates.

The bistro serves delicious pub meals and our private room is spacious and well appointed.

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2017 AGM

Our 2017 AGM was held after the August club meeting with all committee and delegate positions open for renomination.  The successful candidates are:

President:  Glenn Miller

Vice President & Events Co-ordinator:  Stephen Ellis

Secretary:  Elaine Lamont

Treasurer:  Vicki Hewitt

Editor:  Ray Newell

Merchandiser:  Jayne Miller

Fund Raiser:  Sue Webro

Website Co-ordinator:  Uwe Buechi

Please support these members who have volunteered to take-on roles and responsibilities so that we all may benefit from continuing to be part of this exciting club.

Event Follow-Up

Volunteering your time, efforts and credibility as an event leader can be a very rewarding experience and many of us certainly appreciate that some runs are simple to co-ordinate while others can be more complicated.  Often, the level of complication is within our own control and you'll find that with a little planning and sometimes assistance from fellow members, even the most difficult event can appear to have run itself.

We all think about evens as requiring prior planning, attention during but few give thought to follow-up after.  It's often follow-up that encourages members who missed out to participate on future occasions while serving as a fond reminder of a great day to those who attended.

Follow-up can be as simple as emailing a brief summary of the event along with a handful of photos to the club editor, events co-ordinator and website co-ordinator.  These members have accepted the responsibility of serving the club as communicators and cannot fulfil this role without your support.  In-fact, contributions from all event participants are always welcome, even if this is just a few photos.

We can't all take the position of "someone else will do it," and at present we seem to be suffering from a lack of event follow-up and unfortunately, the website has suffered as a result.  We all look forward to seeing photos of fellow members and their cars and reading about the day.  Please feel welcome to share your photos and thoughts when you next attend a club event so members and our greater internet community can appreciate the wonderful people, beautiful scenery and exciting Corvettes that we've been blessed to share.


Logan House Fire Support Network

Louie & Christine from the Logan House Fire Support Network were guests at our December Meeting and spoke about a number of very important topics including the need to check your household smoke detectors.

Louie is very passionate about protecting lives and is instrumental in the process of introducing changes to State Legislation that will see an end to the use unsafe Ionisation units and the mandated use of Photo Electric Smoke Detectors in Queensland and Australian homes.

Louie & Christine asked all attendees to check their smoke detectors and replace any ionisation units with photo electric detectors as a matter of urgency.  If you're unsure, open the unit and look for a radiation symbol which identifies the unsafe units.

Please visit the website and consider donating to this worthy cause and please up-date your smoke detectors.

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Members Photos

New members (and old members) are encouraged to email a recent photo of their Vette and membership details along with any other facts they would like to see posted on the members page or printed in a Vetteletter issue.  Of-course, existing members are always welcome to email up-dated photos or details at any time.

Photos can be sent to UB for the website by clicking on the parking sign for a convenient email link.


 email link for photo up-date

Vette Links

Special thanks to our members for sharing the following very interesting links.

This is one of the most interesting videos I've watched in a while.
Corvette Engine plant for 2015 LT4 6.2 Litre made by robots at Tonawanda



Lingenfelter Corvette Collection


Interview with Rick Hendricks and a tour of his Private Car Collection.


Bill Mullis, Corvette Collection

The first video takes us to Texas where a team from Hennessey Corvette attempt to reach 200mph in a C7 Vette.  5 minute duration


This video takes us into the private car collection of Rick Hendrick.  6 minute duration


Member Information

club polo

Do you need to up-date your Club wardrobe?  Searching for a special Christmas gift for the person who has everything?  Look no further, Jayne has a great range of Club Polo's, Spray Jackets and Vests in popular sizes.  Give her a call on 0403 261 300 or catch up at our Club meetings.

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Members are reminded that memberships are now overdue and must be paid directly to the Club Treasurer, returned by post or direct deposited into the club account.  If direct depositing, please include your name as a reference and phone or email the Club Treasurer advising of your payment.

Suncorp  BSB:  484 799  /  Acc No.  001670655

Members failing to renew their membership will not receive copies of the Vetteletter Magazine and those enjoying Special Interest Vehicle Registration will be in breach of the rules and regulations pertaining to this scheme.  Please renew ASAP.

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Please be warned, the State Government is cracking down on Club Registrations (Special Interest Vehicles) due to a perception that some members of the community are abusing this very welcomed scheme.  QCC members utilising Special Interest Vehicle Registration are reminded to visit the Queensland Government link or collect a brochure from their local Qld Transport Office and read, understand and comply with the current rules.

Due to the large number of members now seeking concessional registration, the Committee has decided to make the following changes to how such requests will be handled.

Cars that are already registered, or able to be transported, can now make an appointment for a free inspection with either:  Southside, Peter Turner  0409 003 300  or  Northside, Kevin Silk  0418 722 987.

Corvette owners who require a home or workshop on-site visit will be asked to donate $50 to the Qld Corvette Club.

This brings us into line with the current practice of other car clubs in the region

Don't forget to visit our  QCC Honour Board.

qcc honour board link

Brisbane Weather Radar                                                                              Eastern Australian Geostationary Satellite Image

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 ernies photos red                     camp quality laughter logo

QCC members are understandably proud of their 20 year association with Camp Quality

Vette Info

nut image

We continue our exclusive offer from Jimmy Gamble, proprietor of "bolts nuts screws on-line," for members of the Queensland Corvette Club to receive a 20% discount across his enormous range of fasteners.








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Don't forget our Special Members Only Deals page 


Items of Vette Interest

Please email the website co-ordinator with the details of Corvette related items that other might be interested in seeing and sharing a laugh with.

custom car posters logo

Sally found this great site that make beautiful posters and display boards of your pride and joy.  Looks very good and quite reasonably priced too.


vette clock image

Ernie's forwarded an interesting link for C3 owners, who at some stage of their ownership, will have to give thought to repairing the clock in their Vette.

When you check it out, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "tips main page" for more handy C3 & C5 maintenance tips.

Members looking for hard to find glass for their pride and joy should contact Ralph with their details.


National Corvette Museum C5 / C6 Build Sheets

If you own a 02 - 10 Corvette, you'll be pleased to know the National Corvette Museum recently received an additional 85,000 original build sheets from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

Each build sheet went down the line with it's corresponding Corvette while the car was being assembled.  Some still have masking tape on them while others show pen markings by assembly line workers, grease, dirt or even footprints from when they were discarded after vehicle assembly.

In total, NCM has approximately 185,000 original build sheets in it's possession.  Purchase price is $40 each for NCM members and $50 for non-members.

For more information, contact the Museum's Library and Archives by email  betty@corvettemuseum.org 

or check the NCM website 

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Is your vehicle registered under Qld Transport's Special Interest Vehicle Scheme?

Corvette owners utilising this great scheme are reminded to maintain their knowledge of changing vehicle usage and club membership requirements.  Details are available from Queensland Transport Offices or their website "Failure to comply with the conditions of the SIVS is an offence and serious consequences may apply."

All QCC members driving SIVS Vettes are urged to familiarise themselves with the regulations by clicking on this link.

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checkered flag image Please take the time to visit our QCC Sites of Interest page.  This can be found by clicking on Links and then choosing Other, or by clicking on the chequered flags.

If you are a QCC member, have a permanent commercial website and would like it added to this page, please send our website co-ordinator a brief spiel and your web address.   

There's no charge for including sites of interest - this is a service to our members. 



Alternate Motoring Events

Members and visitors are reminded to regularly check our Auto Happenings Page and use the link to Pinky's for information on all things Automotive in Queensland and Australia for that matter.  I'm constantly astounded by the number and quality of events happening in Queensland.  Members are welcome to volunteer as leader for any of these events, in conjunction with our Events Co-ordinator to plan an official QCC run.  Who knows, it's quite likely other members will share your passion, so step up and plan a run in 2013.



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The items on this page are included for the purpose of maintaining and encouraging club communication and fostering friendships.  Any unintentional insults or errors are regretted and will be addressed upon contacting the web site co-ordinator.  Intended insults and errors shall remain for the enjoyment of all.

Contributions to the News section of the website are always welcome.  Please email the website co-ordinator with your info & pictures.