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  Friday Night Dinner - 11th November 2013
  Brown's Plains Hotel Roadhouse Grill



We met at the usual place the Hyperdome @ 6:15 for a 6:30 departure.  There were 2x Corvettes Gus and Webro's the rest of us in civilian cars 7 in total.

Arriving at the venue for 7pm, to be greeted by eager beavers (squirrels) Ken and Pauline.  Ernie splashed out on an expensive bottle of wine for Sal, I think he was hoping for some special cuddles when he got home.  The meals were slow to arrive as the grill was busy, but well worth the wait.  Although our group was small the company was excellent with lots of stories and laughs shared around the table.  We were the last group to leave for the evening and after our deserts, everyone said their goodbyes and headed for home.

Great night, great food and great company rewarded those who were able to take part at this busy time of year.

Glenn & Jayne xxx ooo


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