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A few Corvettes turned up to meet at 7am at Logan Hyperdome and proceeded to meet the Northsiders at Shell Nudgee. There were quite a few members waiting at Shell, including George and his wife from Southport (New members on their first outing with the Club)and Bill Dixon with his newly acquired ’65.Arriving at Lakeside we were asked to donate $10 to get in the gate and further on another $10 allowed us to get to the pits. The day was perfect----earlier in the week , our weather forecast was “showers”, so every one was happy with the outcome. The Lakeside management were worried about accidents, so decided to increase the number of vehicles on the track—to slow everyone down. We shared our 2 lots of 15 minute cruises with the Mustang Club. It is still a Buzz to run around Lakeside—I look forward to these events, and perfectly safe as long as no risks are taken. I counted 36 Corvettes at Lakeside, although only about 20 were QCC members. Kev Silk brought his new toy—a C10 Chev Pick-up, to run around the track and Nev Solomon surprised everyone with a beautiful ’65 fastback Mustang, just imported from USA. Chris Livermore and Ray Costa had a go at the slaloms and drags, but were no match for the “race-prepped” Cobra, which won both events.

 The American Independence day event at Lakeside for American cars is proving a successful annual event. This was the 4th event.

(Mike Gocs)