“Crackerjack Weekend with Nanna”


We always say, “its gunner be difficult to surpass the previous years success” but we did it again, remembering if you don’t have a sense of humour, you probably don’t have any sense at all !

Twenty eight of us decided we wanted to go and have a weekend at nanna’s, play lawn bowls, bingo, eat scones and tell stories whilst having lots to eat and drink.

It started at Macca’s Loganholme, 8am Saturday 23rd. Ali and I were in full bowls outfit, Pa Thorogood and Nanny Tracie also in costume number 1 for the weekend; the trend was set!!

Morning tea at Beaudesert Park ( cuppa tea no.2 ) was proudly supported by the ladies, cakes and cookies as well, Big Poppa Ern was already excited.

Arriving at Boonah Bowls Club promptly at 10.30, our hosts explained the rules and protocol of lawn bowls to which we strictly adhered to, except Poppy Fill and Pa Milla….

There was a serious match happening on court 1 with the Chells v Megson oldies going ball to ball and at one stage I caught Poppa Square having a nanna nap on the green. Grand Nanny Ali surprised me with some very good shots up against the soon to be named Princess of Pittsworth Denise.

The lunch bell went and all the weary old timers headed into the club rooms for a full on smorgasbord of hot and cold culinary delights. Oh and a liquid refreshment, Nanny Nicky liked the Rum to apparently !!! Then the missing Nuns and Pops Webro turned up after a family trauma hold up, lucky Poppy Coomba didn’t eat all the left over's so Pops Webro was happy, and tucked in accordingly. Uncle Pops Kevvy was the only player I saw do the “flipper” on the lawns but it was Granny Vanders who starred, thus leading her to receiving the “best on ground” trophy.

Back to the Corvette RSL vehicles and a short stint of about two hours to Pittsworth, the home of our new Nanna. Along the way Grandad Keef even got to 60, reckless we thought!

Grandoodle Geoff took the roof of, he wanted Nansy Carol to go topless he said, Pa Thorogood bought up the rear in the big Performax truck, a couple of quick u-turns and before we new it Nanna’s Pittsworth Motor Inn was visible.

Pre dinner sherries were in order, Uncle Pops Kevvy got his wheelchair out, a dangerous decision, some colostomy bags were shared also. Grand Geord and Ma Bel were now starting to feel at home with us so Pops Webro threw in some kiwi jokes, I’m sure they hadn’t heard them before!!!!

About time… Poppy Vanders joined us, had a late start due to a truck problem and I made him do a few u-turns in the directions to get him in the right frame, then made him drink real quick to catch up, nice one!!!!

Dinner time, that means compulsory pensioner outfit…..how ironic upon entering the venue there was a real 90th birthday happening with real pensioners…..oopsy, we lost Nanny Betty and Vanders as they blended in with them and at one stage throughout the evening Pops Webro found himself in Uncle Kevvy’s wheelchair and accidently pushed into the wrong room ( yer right ). They loved us though. Nanny cooked us a roast dinner and apple pie, she had lots of beer and wine too in the pantry, oh and Rum for Nanny Nick, so we were only to obliging to help her empty the larder. Nanny Nutta had been stocking her chest larder with nuts as well as she was very bulging all night !!!

BINGO, that’s right, how exciting was that ??? Everyone loved me doing the call…didn’t they Nanny Ali ??? Winners everywhere, prizes all round even Poppa Square getting the cash purse of 50 cents in 1 and 2 cent pieces, he was thrilled : ) Grandma K was beside herself, waiting for a last number several times, had to be told to keep it down….

Nansy Milla won the costume award, she was wearing a flashers coat with a nice firm set of boobies and toilet area exposed, Poppy Vanders thought it was real though. The naughty award went to Grandad Keef for not wearing his name badge, he received a pair of dirty Big Poppa’s underpants after a scare, and had to make them good again.

The aches and pains of the days activities started to come through on this pack of hungry adventure seekers, as it had gone past 9pm the beds were calling for a few. Poppy Vanders had some bad wind and was sent to his room to sweeten up, but not before the naughty Popsy Milla coaxed me into doing a mankini run. I convinced him to wear the depends nappies underneath as you can’t be too sure running after a big feed and drinks.

Nanna cooked all us good people a big brekky, Grandad Keef presented the restored underpants to his standard, and was then time to bid Pittsworth Nanna’s goodbye and head to Cambooya where the next lot of nanna’s were waiting to greet us.

Harrows gardens was a beautiful old homestead and gardens but nanna forgot to inform us that her driveway was 5km long, and dirt….A few teary eyes as Corvettes got dusty, but upon arrival it was such a beautiful place that she was forgiven. Guess what ? She bought out scones, jam and cream and cup of tea number 26. What a great nanna !!!

No-one wanted to go home so we decided to head back to the Plain Lands Hotel as some were getting hungry and thirsty again ( ??? ) Think Nanny Nick wanted rum…

Grand Geordy was happy for beer and then finally I convinced everyone to go back to their nursing homes, phew, what a task……

Ali and I love it when we throw an idea at a bunch of people, they all join in to the max, everyone dresses up, some more than one costume. Themes and ideas are only as good and successful as those playing, and viewing the weekend through pensioners rose tinted glasses, seeing the laughs and good times, you lot always do us proud…….

Thanks for coming to nanna’s with us, Grand Poppy Pete and Grand Nanny Ali xx