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Sunday 18th August, 2013

Folks unable to make this run certainly missed an excellent opportunity for members of both Qld Corvette Clubs to relax in a beautiful setting and enjoy our common passion.  We had a marvellous turn-out with 25 Corvettes and around 40 members enjoying a pot luck picnic in the Colmslie Reserve Parklands, on the banks of the Brisbane River.  Everyone brought a plate of picnic food to share and we may have over catered a little with mountains left even after sampling the wonderful variety on offer.
Peter Mellor provided a show and tell by bringing his Ford V8 powered Bolwell Nagari sports car - the rest of us just brought Corvettes.
Keith got dirty early and his change of clothes in the car park reminds me of why Clark Kent changes in a phone box.  Our photographer was quick enough to capture a shot of Keith's white tummy while staging a re-enactment of the incident after lunch.

The boys enjoyed a little ceremonial head scratching with a group under-bonnet examination of Dave's new Yellow C4.  Still don't know what we were looking for???
Some lovely words from Chris after the group photo and it was back to the shade and gentle breeze for coffee and cake.
I'd like to believe the great turn-out of members from both clubs to be a vote of support for combining more events as social Corvette fanatics rather than continue maintaining the illusion of politically opposed clubs.
We headed for home after a lovely day spent catching up with old mates and making new friends, with the 2013 Corvettes on the Coast Concourse our next combined event.
Jaimes Pool