Pete and Ern’s Questionable Car Cruise

Ali wasn’t getting there at 6.30am on Sunday morning, 7.15 we arrived at Macca’s Loganholme, not the last, we reserved that for the Roberts, but certainly one of the most eager for another Vetting experience.

Ernie had done a lot of homework, questions, routes, paperwork and I had done a lot of motorcycle racing over the years to supply the days trophies……..

The 10 Corvettes and 1 family Ford thingy vehicle left Bryants Rd. (in no orderly fashion) after brekky and a drivers briefing.  Ali and I elected to take Doc in our team as he was flying solo, difficult to answer questions whilst driving a left hand drive C3 eh Doc??  Good to have the solo Matto, Kaylene & Viv as well as Des & Karen along for a ride.

We had to stop at Mossy’s place as we were driving past, just to see if he was ok after his car crash, and guess what?  Whilst we were there we managed to collect all the goodies required for the treasure hunt including a 2 cent coin, thanks Mossy!!  The Millers with side kick Phil had to do a slight detour past his house as Jayne thought she left the iron on, reckon they collected mostly everything except a 2 cent coin (haha).  It looked like the Roberts Yellow C5 ducked into Coles, don’t know why?

Halfway into the mornings first leg we came across Webro with not Suzy but Reg Vine as co-pilot, he was no better at directing Webro and as they were lost and tagged along with us.  A land slide on the goat track to Canungra led us to utilising the GPS in Tiger Shark and eventually arrived at smoko half an hour behind the rest.  Didn’t hear of any question swapping going on, I think a few were googling answers on their phones, cheats, can’t trust anyones knowledge base these days…….

Coffee, tea, biscuits and cakes in a park in the mountains with fellow Corvetters, what a great way to spend Sunday morning. But wait there’s more……..

All aboard your trusty steeds and follow me to the Tugan Surf Club down the coast for our luncheon appointment.  Ernie and myself collated all the paperwork and treasure hunt items for scoring, some questionable answers needed to be questioned, especially from the Coomber Team, winners had to be picked too and as the judges decision was final the list is :

Treasure Hunt ; Doc (well done team red)

The Nerang Route ; Viv & Secretary Kaylene

The Tambo Route ; Geff & Carollleee

The Canungra Route ; Des & Karen

The Horses Arse Award ; Team Webro/Vine

Doing a route by himself ; Matto

All the winners loved their motorcycle racing trophies, as events are supposed to be self funded all donations are always welcome no matter what they represent……….

Lunch, beers and idle chatter bled into the early afternoon, we departed from the Tugun Club and as Ali missed Woolworths so much we had a stop over at Nerang.  Upon arriving home we noticed our property was swollen with Corvettes and the bar was full of members not wanting to go home yet, Ernie just wanted a fresh batch of Ali’s scones, Phil and Glenn just wanted my beer, Reg & Webro drank something from behind the bar and Matto just wanted to show of his new trophy !!!

I think somewhere about 4pm Sal dragged Ernie out as the last man standing, what a great day !!!

Thanks to all those who participated, thanks to the Tugan Club, thanks to Ernie for the paperwork, thanks to Ali for cleaning the house up, but most of all thanks to Chevrolet for bringing us all together…..

See you all at Nanna’s, cheers Peter