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  Pete & Ernie's Scrabble Run to Binna Burra - Sunday 25th August 2013



“What a beautiful day to take the Vette out for a cruise”, we thought to ourselves, but then to our surprise, so did 32 other QCC members!

Most of us met at Macca’s on Bryants Rd around 9am, had a coffee and then Sal & I briefed all the Scrabbler’s.  Thanks to President Pete for picking up our bayside stragglers, who were at the Clive Peeters rendevouz spot!

It was a simple enough task - follow the directions and collect letters off the designated signs.  There were twelve to collect and then make the best word you could and be scored for the word, using the games scoring rules.

Simple enough we thought, but Corvetter’s being what they are, most seemed to be going too fast to see them all, or just picked the wrong letters because they didn’t feel like stopping!!.  It must have been the wind in their faces.

What did amaze us was the number of words with double ZZ (20 points in Scrabble) in them, and “Wheels Webro” seemed to be leading the charge in this area.  Must be his Dutch origins because most of his words seemed double-dutch to me!

Then there were the collectors’ items, and we felt sure Keith and Kay had this all stitched up, as they turned up with a trunk full of bits-n-pieces and still they didn’t have them all.  A very good try though and certainly scored highly for effort.

Everyone had a great time though and we all ended up safely at Binna Burra for lunch.

The winners were as follows:-

Highest 12 word score – our youngest members - Kristin & Amanda with 156 points!

Bonus Word winner:- Bob & Lorna Mihill with 11 points!

Closest Odometer reading to Google:- Ken & Squirrel Coomber with 83.2kms (Google 80.5kms)

Ladies Scavenger :- Kay Hosking (it was worth it Keith!)

Men’s Scavenger:- Wheels Webro -who always carries his tools wherever he goes!!

The chef at Binna Burra did a great job feeding so many people in such a short time, so hats off to Colin as well!

Thanks to all who made the effort – nice to see new Members along and also some faces we haven’t seen for a while.


Cheers, Sally & Ernie.

P.S. Don’t any of you give up your day jobs to be professional Game/Quiz Kings and Queens!!!!!

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