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  Friday Night Dinner - 11th October 2013
  Lakeside Victoria Point



I said to Peter it was about time I organised another Friday Night Dinner, so being the good girl he says I am we decided to attack Effendi’s Turkish Restaurant at Victoria Point on Friday 11th October.

Meeting at the old Clive Peters we elected Ernie as the “man about town” to lead the hungry thrill seekers to our destination.  Tom and Cheryl unveiled their new C6 for it’s first of many voyages amongst us and he couldn’t wait to share the “exhaust open” note with us.

Upon arrival and after the Vettes were all parked happily we noticed both the Silk's and Hosking's were seated in place, this totalled 25 of us, a great number as usual and terrific to have new members Anthony and Anita Gill join us for their first club outing experience.

Turkish food can be similar to different meats etc. that we eat daily, although we couldn’t convince Tom, everyone else enjoyed their meals. Webro thought it was one of Peters fancy dress nights and so his AliBaba hat sat proud on his head all evening.  Bob was disappointed there were no belly dancers to join in with so we just used Mossy’s kids to fill in.  As Denise was designated driver she behaved by keeping her alcohol content to a minimum, unlike Cheryl as once it’s dark she consumes…..

Another great night of driving, eating, drinking and shenanigans, just another FND as usual……..

             Regards Ali xx


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