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  Harrigan's Rod Show
  Sunday 20th October 2013
  Horizon Shores


The meeting place was the normal, the Logan Hyperdome at 6.45am so it was a very early start for the crew.

Seven Corvettes and a Chev Pick Up left the meeting place and headed for Yatala to pick up Bob Mihill.  I was without my Corvette and asked Tom if he would lead in his and Cheryl's new gleaming Red C6 convertible, what a stunning car.  Congratulations to you both, after a delay at Yatala due to the bike ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast we were off to Harrigan's Irish Pub for the normal formalities of entering, parking and for some repolishing the cars.

This is the first time I have been to Harrigan's and what a surprise such a well presented venue could not believe the number of cars, trade displays, etc.  By 9.30am the place was packed but for Tom, Bob and myself it was time to take advantage of a hot buffet breakfast at the pub.  After a couple of hours of lovely food and chit chat it was time to check out the car display.

Over the last few years I have noticed that the level of vehicle presentation and attention to detail has improved out of sight, and this display of over 400 vehicles was unbelievable.  It would have been a difficult job for the judges.

A Holden Torana drag car was on display with a 6 cylinder 186 motor that puts out 600 horse power plus, the owner started this car up and that certainly got the crowd interested.  Felt sorry for the band that was playing in the background they just couldn't compete and had to stop playing while we listened to engine music.  Then there was the display from Noonan Race Engines a huge 580 cubic inch V8 that displaced 3000 hp.

The weather was perfect with a breeze blowing to keep the temps down.  Top marks to the organisers, Chev Car Club and helpers of the Harrigan's Show and Shine.  This was a top day.

And to the members who got out of bed so early and took the time to have their cars looking so good.  Thank you

Trip leader Kevin Silk 

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