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  Thanksgiving Day All American Day

  Qld Raceways, Lakeside, 24th November 2013 




A day that some Club Members always look forward to.  8 Corvettes met at Logan Hyperdome , leaving at 6.45am to meet the Northsiders at Shell Nudgee, where there were about a dozen other Corvettes.  It was good to see some NEW members! 20 Corvettes is a good turn-up, considering it was going to be a very HOT day and an afternoon storm was a probability.  Well, the day was very HOT, and half the guys left at lunchtime to go Home.  It is the first time, having been to Lakeside a few times now to see only about a third the number of cars attending.  I guess for the reasons I mentioned above.  I left to head home about 2pm, after a phone call from Glenys to say there was thunder and lightning at Sunnybank. I  DID get caught in a hailstorm on the gateway — only minor damage to the Blue Shark, but some new water leaks were discovered!  Some of the members competed in the drags, and did well against other cars.  The “race-prepped” Cobra was always going to be hard to beat.

(Mike Gocs)


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