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   Friday Night Dinner - 17th January 2014
   Crust Pizzas - Paddington



Attached Pic:  Paul the owner with the Vanderpoofs, they were behind the counter just finished the dishes because they couldn’t pay their bill……….

Our first Friday Night Dinner for 2014 was hosted by Tom and Cheryl and we ventured through the city to Paddington where Paul greeted us at Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar.

5 Vettes and 2 civilian vehicles opened up the years account and the 12 participants were treated to a feast.  We were spoilt with complimentary bread and soft drink in our private dining corner, Brian kept his manners as he was sitting next to Kaye, as did Phil beside Suzy, Ali was busy trying to organise Aaron and Naomi’s wedding, Webro was happy just to get there and not be lost, Tom got more and more excited as Cheryl drank more and more Moet and Keith and I talked about the old days in the war, (I think).

160 km’s there and back for us, just for a pizza you say, nah better than a pizza, good food, drinks, mates and a warm evening drive in the Vette.

Thanks Tom, Cheryl and Paul,

                                                    Cheers Peter


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