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   Australia Day Ormiston Car Rally - 26th January 2014



Seven early bird Corvettes met at the Capalaba Park and Ride on a cloudy Sunday morning in preparation for the short run east to the bayside suburb of Ormiston.  Bob managed to encourage Lorna along while the rest of us could only manage ourselves.  At 7am we fired up and pointed east behind Mike in his C6 - Two C2's, Three C3's, no C4's and one C5.  The convertible drivers were feeling confident and we didn't get rain, in-fact it looked like the weather might clear - just for a while.

 Arriving early at the Ormiston State School payed off and we were ushered through the gate to our parking area without delay.  This year we were placed on the far right side close to the front alongside the Holden Monaro Club.  Turned out to be a good spot with plenty of space between our cars and a little shade near-by.  We parked and began the customary walk through the early birds before the first shower of rain blew in.  Lucky I threw in a chamois as we needed to wipe the cars down a few times between skuds.

 Many thanks to the event organisers with volunteers a-plenty performing the myriad of tasks that need to be attended to for a rally of this size.  The free breakfast was very popular and with coffee vans at either end of the grounds refreshments were never far away.  As the photos tell, there were a great variety of cars on display - which is why this particular event is so popular.

We caught up with a few members who'd arrived later and met a few friends from other clubs while checking out the cars on display.  It was a shame the Mustang Club didn't make a showing as we enjoy catching up for a chat with these lovely people.

All in all a really good event that was up to it's usual very high standard.  A slight change to the entry arrangements eliminated previous traffic jams and an abundance of volunteer traffic directors made parking quite straight forward.

Thank you to those Club Members who braved the chance of rain to be rewarded with a great catch-up and magnificent variety of classic cars to enjoy

If you missed this event, make a resolution to attend next year, 26th January 2015.


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