billy cart day

   Billy Cart Derby & Family Fun Day - 18th May 2014



Billy Cart and Family BBQ Day

 The QCC’s 3rd annual billy cart bonanza and family fun day had 25 participants this year.

Glenn and Jayne had some great set up help from the Coombers, the club’s trailer and marquis were both utilised to their extent and the onlookers were most comfortable in the pit area.

The kids were having a ball so we decided to kick them off and have a go at any record we could dream up.

Jack wanted a go in the Roberts YELLOW trike, I okayed it but told him not to have fun and don’t tell anyone.

The bbq was hot and so was the competition, so after we burgered out, had a couple of ales and a chat, it was time to get down to more carting.

The Millers Territory was busy towing the carts up the hill all day, 6 at a time, not even a blow out on one cart would stop us as the tyre was cut off to keep it in play.

All was going nicely until Webro wanted me to take his Bin Laden with stuff cart from the highest point for a record attempt. Naturally I took the challenge, all went well until the end where it rolled which was the start of its demise. My family members in true Turner tradition crashed into each other  which finished off the Webro race cart and so we moved onto the Roberts yellow thing. I didn’t enjoy it but it did succeed to make it from one church border to the other, (grr ya lala dum) Ernie better get big wheel cart out again for the next one….

The Hosking kids did as many rides as they could, Millers wheelbarra cart was dodgy, but successful as their kids proved, and without any water pistol cheating this year it was a great success.

Thanks Glenn, Jayne and those that helped to set up and pack up, great to have a family catch up day and billy carting is a bonus……

Now what will I build for the next one ????   Peter


Special thanks to Keith & Kay's grandson Zack, for his great billy cart sketch commemorating the day.

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billy cart drawing