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   Sunday 13th April 2014
   Veterans Day - Ennogera



Sunday morning the 13th not looking to bright thanks to ITA, but as I drove into the Brook Carpark I was pleased to see 5 Vettes already there, with one car   “John McRea” all the way from Warwick.  By 9.35 we left in convoy for a short trip to the Barracks, with 12 Vettes, one Camaro & a commodore wagon with 2 little (very excited ) girls inside just waiting for the day.

Welcomed  & briefed by the Major & his helpers, we parked the cars but were soon overwhelmed with requests for rides, it was great to be able to take a cruise without Red lights, other traffic etc.  And being able to sit the little ones on their Dads’ lap was an even bigger bonus, light showers began but did not dampen any enjoyment, in fact it added in most cases, BY FAR the most popular car was Trevor & Donnas’ 67 Camaro.  Whole families could enjoy a drive together & Trev didn’t mind giving it some small bursts of power, everybody's screams of laughter  could be heard a block away.  Trevor must have been Giddy by the end & the Camaros’ tank would have been near empty.  A day of great fun & enjoyment was had by all with Jumping Castles, Magic Shows, Face Painting, The Army Band, Home Made cakes by the vets Wives & lunch courtesy of Greenbank RSL.

Around 1.30pm a Thank You from the Major & his C.O. to all of us for our involvement in the day, & some personal Thank You from the veterans for making their whole families feel so involved in the day.  I know it made all of us feel great to see so much happiness & fun being had by all & know we will be looking forward the 4th of May OPEN DAY & many more days where we can have the Vets involved..


Nev.       On behalf of all who attended

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