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  Friday Night Dinner - 8th August 2014
  The Gem Hotel, Alberton



August 8th was a return to the Gem Hotel night, and with 30 of us attending  Ali was right in her presumption that we were all hanging for a get together to finish off where we left last time.

Great to have a few join us that we don’t normally see and they became witness to the duel between Webro and Jim to see who could eat the most for the longest, and with no spaghetti on the menu our Jack had to have schnitzel…

The car park was full when we arrived but meals still came out consistently for the full house it was, obviously the public heard the Corvette Club were attending and packed the venue to join us.

It was a good excuse to have the odd ale or two, tell a story and have a laugh as we always do on our ever popular Friday Night Dinners….

Well done Ali as usual,

                                   Cheers Peter


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