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   Workshop day at Mike's - 14th June 2014



Every bloke loves a day in the shed - just seems like we don't make enough time to enjoy the ole man cave as much as we should.

This changed for QCC members on Saturday 14th June, when a dozen like minded Corvette nutz met to look under bonnets and hoist-up for a look underneath the wonderment that is Corvette.  Mike was nice enough to make his spacious shed available for members to discover the underside of their Corvettes and we all learned a thing or two from one another during the day.

A highlight for everyone, was the arrival of Bill Dixon's long awaited C2 Coupe fresh from the Transport Dept.   This was Bill's inaugural outing in the freshly transformed beast and we all delighted in viewing the car out in the sunlight for the very first time.

Another highlight for the gathered group was the opportunity to see and hear Mike's freshly body off restored 1974 C3 Coupe.  Mike's car has come together over the past twelve months and represents another labour of love for a Corvette fanatic.

This was a chance for us less experienced Corvette owners to check what went where and for our long time Vette mentors to show the young guns just how much there is to learn about these marvellous cars.

A big thank you to Mike for opening his workshop for the crew, for putting on a lovely morning tea and sharing his knowledge so freely.  Thank you to members who took take part and were rewarded in so many ways.



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