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  Presidents Triple Drag Weekend
  Warwick - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd March 2014



The Presidents “Triple Drag Weekend”

March 1st and 2nd hosted the “back by popular demand” drag weekend in the now not so sleepy town of Warwick.

In memory of Sandi Vine the weekend was a fund raiser for Pancreatic Cancer and Ali managed to raise with the help of everyone in attendance just on $2000, amazing effort……

The fundraising and shenanigans began an Macca’s Loganholme, Tom Vanders put a quick large note in the swear tin to cover his language for the weekend and Glenn’s fundraising effort was of to a great start.

Dressed in Sandi’s favourite bright colours the 28 adventure seekers set of to Aratula for morning smoko.  More money in the swear tin and loaded with snacks we then headed to Warwick for Drag Number 1.

Laurie and Di were already there with the immaculate C2 Drag Car, so was Ronnie and the McCrae’s, the number now 35, bigger than the smile on Billys face when he put the C2 down the strip !!!

Keith’s mate Phil lined up with the new V12 twin Turbo Bentley, that had to get towed home trying to beat the big block C3 which was great, because we had someone to take the p_ _ s out of the rest of the weekend.

The 1/8th mile drags are a lot of fun, not too long but just a great time to experience the thrill and atmosphere, especially with the wives cheering on in the stand.

Fastest C2, Bill Dixon, C3 Keith Hosking, C4 Ern Whittle, C5 Turner and C6 Tom Vanders, no-one was going near Lauries car except Reg and Ali when they had a run, 2 seconds faster than the rest, very impressive.

Of to McNevins Motel in Warwick, happy hour by the pool and listen to Erns traction problem stories, Webro’s rev limiter sounds, Brad was hungry and Geoff couldn’t trust himself to even go down the strip, he was saving that for later in the night.

That meant is was now time for…..yep, Drag Number 2, the worst…. everyone to dinner dressed in drag……

Keith thought he was Pammy Anderson, no-one else thought so, Kenny and Glenn both loved wearing a G-String, Brad didn’t wear any, Tom in a mini skirt, enough said, Secretary Aaron in full Heidi gear and Ernie was always gunna be wrong, the ladies all as drag blokes, Webro still has his make up on today, and Performax’s Kev wasn’t comfortable not wearing his Batman suit.  But Ali and myself dressed in beautiful matching RED numbers, made by daughter Maddi who thinks she now has 2 mums, very comfy too thanks Maddi.  

Eat, Drink and be Merry was the evening, oh and lots of auctions with Billy scooping the Vine’s car replica towels beautifully made by Cheryl.  Well done to all the winners, helpers and those donating.

A bottle of port was consumed outside my room before bed, I think some didn’t want to get out of costume as it was starting to get into the wee hours…

Fully cooked brekky, then Drag Number 3, the missus drags us home….check out of Warwick waving good bye to the nice policeman waiting out the front then as the usual cruise through Killarney had dirt road issues we went on a Whittle Expedition through Woodenbong.  Uh Oh, roadworks and bumps made up the first 50k’s then just corrugations for next 50, lunch at Boonah was a little later than expected, Reg and Tabatha decided to change a tyre with the help of the Thoroughgoods  whilst we ate a burger and cursed Ern.

Just enough time when I got home to detail the Vett, Ali, and my red frock before dark, it wasn’t a late night….us queens must be getting old ???

Huge thanks to Ali for organising the Pancreatic Cancer Fundraising Appeal and collating the auction items, to Silky for his input and all the auction items supplied by everyone.  Carolyn and Robert from McNevins as well as spoiling us with beautiful meals donated wine and a voucher as they to lost a family member to this terrible disease.  Glenn Miller also went out of his way to bug everyone for coins including the public, it’s what he does well so good job mate.

As usual we love it when a plan comes together, Ali and I had a ball, got to drive the Vette, flick the button on the console, eat and drink with our girly mates and love it when you prove to us how much you to enjoy life..

Till the next adventure…..

                                                Drag Queen Peter…..

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