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  Shannon's Insurance Coffee Morning
  Sunday 30 March 2014 - West End



This event wasn't an official QCC run but was advertised on our events calendar as an alternate run for anyone interested.

Shannon's Insurance are great supporters of the car scene throughout Australia and certainly here in Queensland.  The coffee mornings are a no-fuss open invitation for car lovers to get together to chat over fresh coffee and check out one-another's rides.  It is proposed to hold these informal mornings through the year as a way of fostering friendships between car clubs and exposing Shannon's products to potential customers - although, there's no hard sell.

Five QCC members rolled up for the morning along with the drivers of a multitude of different makes and models.  We all enjoyed a coffee and chatted with fellow car enthusiasts about our cars, their cars and cars we'd seen or knew something about.

Keith and I decided that approaching dark clouds could be outrun and we left for home around 9am.  Unfortunately, we only made it as far as the museum before a thorough natures wash caught us to test wipers and door seals.  Probably should have braved it with the others and allowed the rain to pass!

This was a casual morning, roll up when you please and depart at any time - meet fellow car lovers and catch up on motoring events outside of our club.

I'll post the details of future Shannon's coffee mornings as they become available and encourage members to enjoy an early drive on quiet roads for a coffee and chat.


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