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   Keith's Shed Run - Sunday 25th May 2014



A special thank you to Keith & Kay for volunteering to host approximately 40 club members to a delicious buffet breakfast at their beautiful Scarborough home.  A huge effort having so many guests early in the morning.

Most members met at the Shell Nudgee garage with 18 Corvettes and one Porsche 911 care of Peter Mellor.  Pete's establishing the habit of attending club events in a different car each time.  An early group headed off first with the intention of helping with breakfast preparations but it turned out the main contingent arrived shortly after anyway.

Keith had his neighbours organised with Corvettes parked in yards, driveways and along both sides of the street.

Prior to breakfast, we enjoyed browsing Keith's garage and checking out Bryan's shiny new C7 coupe.

Breakfast was announced and we enjoyed our refreshments sitting by the water dodging Keith's pet butcher birds who were intent on sharing some of our bacon.

Great to see some of our male members assisting with kitchen duties and following a tidy-up we were off to our first shed.  Brad McKiernan's shed is located near-by and is full of wonderful tools and machines.  Brad specialises in the restoration and recreation of Porsches and we loved checking out the various frames and engines and asking Brad all manner of questions.

Next, we headed around the corner to Stuart Reid Automotive to visit Stuart's Monday to Friday shed and then his weekend shed.  Monday to Friday is where the business of servicing customers cars takes place and it's fitted out as a clean modern workshop.  Stuart's weekend shed is where the magic happens and is the type of shed every bloke would love filled with high spec machines, race and rally cars.  We even found a forgotten Dodge Viper which had been hidden under some large packing crates.

Stuart and his staff made us very welcome, taking time to answer a million questions and providing cold soft drinks to help maintain our fluids.  Six lucky members were fortunate enough to win special goodie bags loaded with cool blokey items.

Around this time, members tummies started rumbling and we knew it must be time for lunch.  Another short drive after swinging by Keith & Kay's to collect a few ladies who decided to detour the shed tour and we were at Dave & Judy Granville's country retreat for a delicious camp oven lunch.

Unfortunately, I was rostered to work night shift that evening and headed home to bed before lunch and can't provide any details of the afternoon.  The photos tell a thousand stories and it looks like everyone enjoyed a great time.

Thank you to Keith & Kay, Brad, Stuart, Dave & Judy for hosting our group and making everyone feel especially welcome.  Thank you to the attending members who were rewarded with a memorable adventure.


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