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  Saturday 8th February
  Tom & Cheryl's Mt Cotton Drive-in



Ever had one of those ideas that seemed like a good idea at the time?  Well, thank goodness Pete had one of these a few months ago because it really was a great idea!  This idea became our very first Club drive-in movie night.

We all know that behind every great event is a special group of people that make everything fall into place for the enjoyment of fellow members, so I start by thanking Tom & Cheryl for allowing the use of their front yard & hard work preparing for the event, Nev & Carol for keeping the crew fed in true drive-in style and Pete, operations manager and ideas man.  I'd also like to thank all of the club members who were able to attend and help make this event the success we'd all hoped it would be.

Approximately 70 members & family along with 20 Corvettes turned out to enjoy a movie under the big screen at Tom & Cheryl's home at Mt Cotton and no-doubt, all were rewarded with a terrific evening.

We enjoyed fresh hot dogs, both Australian and American styles with all the trimmings, popcorn - buttered or caramel, four flavours of ice cream, soft drinks, tea & coffee - what more could anyone ask?????  Of-course, the food was first class thanks to Nev & Carol under the Club marquee and right next door to Nev's groovy VW Kombi, complete with mattress and surf board.

20 Corvettes were spread across the slope for prime viewing of the 7m tall inflatable screen with civilian vehicles behind.  Amazing for a "small" car just how difficult it is to see through a Vette so everyone in folding chairs had to fill in the gaps in-order to gain a clear view of the screen.  Of-course, many Vette's were occupied for that authentic drive-in feeling - must remember to disconnect Pete's horn next time.

We all sat back and enjoyed a very funny late release movie (that for copy write reasons shall remain nameless) however, it was lovely meeting Glenn, Jayne & family........

Talk about take you back!, we even had intermission (something lost on today's generation) and were able enjoy a lovely ice cream and comfort break.  Bob was completely shocked to find the porta-loo didn't have a light and after many suggestions of how he should know where everything is by now along with offers of a helping hand - Tom came to the rescue with a nice LED unit to assist in finding the best seat in the house.

Before we knew it, the movie finished and it was time for some to head for home.  However, a second session was suggested for those wishing to enjoy the evening a little longer and I believe the crew continued on well into the night. Thank you again to everyone involved in hosting and enjoying this inaugural event, I hope we can do this again before too long as it really was better than a real drive in.

Thanks to Nicky for sharing her photos.


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