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   Sunday 23rd March
   Vibe Restaurant - Hope Island

Sunday mourning of March 23rd Ali booked us all in for brekky at Vibe Restaurant at Hope Island on the Gold Coast.

Thanks to Ern for leading the team down at 7.30am from the usual meeting place and catching up with us to lead the final leg.

With 30 of us hungry for a feed and a catch up and in perfect weather, it was a great start, even the Mihills were that excited they must have arrived the night before.

Except Reg who decided to change his mind and get a tow truck to take him home.

Great to see Bill with his wife and not trying to pick up, although rumours were circulating that Mr Wharton was a bit put out…..

Also terrific to have Trevor and Joy Jones along in the immaculate 59 Vett, that meant to that we had a C1,2 ,3, 4, 5 and 6 along for the ride.

Thanks to Glenn for being mischievous and filling in for Webro as his old war injury is preventing him from performing his usual antics.

After a few hours of chatting and grazing, the participants started to depart, we had to wait an extra hour for Brad to finish, then we too hit the road to be home before the kids got up.

Thanks Ali for putting that together, everyone enjoyed the terrific food and service without ridiculous costs and with 30 people in attendance goes to prove either breakfasts runs are a popular event or everyone just likes to eat where you do…….  

Does that’s mean we have to dine different places every week for the next few months to organise the next brekky run????  

Thanks to all that joined us,

                                                  Cheers Peter

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