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   Saturday 28th February 2015
   Drive-in Night - Mt Cotton



Well God decided he didn’t want to watch the movies on the 21st so he delivered the tail end of cyclone Marcia and it bucketed down, the decision was made to postpone it to the week after.  With 65 people on the list to attend and having Swagmans Spit Roast doing the catering we could not risk wasting the food by waiting any longer.  A little disappointing with 45 turning up in the end but under the circumstances it was understandable.

As usual Kev and Tracy ventured down from Gympie never missing out of an adventure and great to have the Down Under club president Col Young join us with 3 of his members.

With all the Vettes and civilian vehicles lined up on Tom and Cheryls hill and after our feast of gourmet hotdogs the first movie,”Lets Be Cops” began.

An early interval was called before the end as the generator ran out of fuel, a good idea said Cheryl to bring out the ice cream in waffle cones….

Before the second movie “Talledaga Nights” started it was time for the popcorn to be shared, that caramel was yum yumm yummy.

Twin brother Neil was my roomy for the night, we backed the Chev ute up, 2 recliners in the back and with the odd beverage or 3 was definitely the VIP booth.

Nicky and Paul had to stay the night because when I left at midnight Nicky was slurring and Paul was playing with Toms organ….the musical one….

We all enjoyed the movies, the feed and the atmosphere and by the numbers attending was a success yet again.

Thanks for the property usage Tom & Cheryl, Swagmans for the feed, Cheryl for deserts, our club for sponsoring it and the fun group that attended,

                        Cheers Peter

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