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   Sunday 20th September 2015
   Corvettes on the Coast - Qld Corvette Club Annual Concourse
   Southport, Gold Coast



Corvettes on the Coast

 With the weather looking fine we started the day very early to prepare for a fantastic day.  Cars started turning up at around 7.30am with a steady stream until 8.45am when most cars were in position and getting a final polish and shine. 

The judges on the day were very proficient and thorough and quickly got through the judging side of things. 

People mingled and caught up with fellow Vetter’s who they had not seen for a while and it was great to see a large turn-out of our new members who let us know what a great day they had. 

All up we had 68 Vette’s with a number of Mustangs, A Drag car and a Sprint car with a really cool Hot Rod as well. 

I would like to thank on behalf of the committee the Qld Fire Brigade for turning up with their Fire Truck which the kids all thought was awesome.  Also Damien from Camp Quality who gave us a hand when needed and entertained the kids with his usual antics, and lastly the Wounded Heroes for coming on the day to support us.


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