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  Concourse - 25 September 2016
  Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Sunday 25th September 2016 was an early start for a lot of members; it takes a lot of work to organise a Concourse. Black clouds were hovering at Logan Hyperdome and a few spits of rain dropped at 7am -- 13 Corvettes and their owners knew that the weather bureau said NO rain--they are never wrong!! On arriving at Broadwater Parklands we saw that quite a few Corvettes had already arrived , and there were a lot of members involved in assisting with registering, parking, and handing out "show" bags.About 65 Corvettes were on display and all groups were covered ( C1 to C7 ) C3's were very popular and made it hard for the judges ( Chris Carson ,John Bondok, Brian Cox ,Mike Gocs, Chris Livermore) . Ray Costa's Grand Sport replica was an incredible piece of work--many years of blood ,sweat and tears. All Corvettes were of a very high standard and I should mention that these Concourses are NOT exclusively for Trophy cars---I would like to encourage all owners to attend in the future. This is a great opportunity to meet other Corvetters to discuss problems or just find out who the best repairers are.
There are very many people to thank for a large event such as this , but I will mention some people. Crystal McMillan from Gold Coast City Council--without her approval the Concourse would not be here . Aaron O'Reilly was very busy all day, especially with his Lap-Top. Steve Ellis 's Meter Maids added some colour to the Event.Elaine Lamont was VERY busy all day. Thank you Anne Beliveau for organising the Rock n Roll dancers. Louie and Christine from Logan House Fires made many children happy with their mini FireTruck runs. Thank you Damien for attending from Camp Quality and also Martin Shaw for bringing an Army vehicle--representing Wounded Heroes. Thank you also to Performax , who have supported the QCC for many years. I could keep going, so if you helped--Thank You.
The Concourse was free to the public and there was a stream of people coming and going all day. it was quite a hot day so I imagine the ice cream vendors did well. There was a very good selection of food vendors to suit all tastes.
A thank you must also go out to Corvettes Down Under for contributing a few cars. The Mustang Owners Club had a great presentation and there were a few other Classic cars to make the day an interesting event.
See you all again this time next year.

Mike Gocs

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