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  The Barn at Scotty's Garage - 06 November 2016
  Flagstone Creek

What an adventure. This trip offered everything a Sunday afternoon should offer: Traffic chaos, bushfires, highway robbery... and a nice lunch.

All started well with a large group of Vettes (C1 through to C6) leaving the Hyperdome almost on time (luckily Mona had paid her RACQ membership). The plan was to take the Warrego highway to Rosewood and then follow the Cobb and Co dirve through the back roads to Flagstone Creek. Well, that was the plan... one little wrong turn put pay to that, the whole group ending up doing a sight seeing tour through Ipswich. Unfortunately we lost a few members during that excursion. The bulk of the group, however, soldiered on albeit in slightly different directions. Some of as then were offered another trip through Ipswich as the chosen route was blocked due to a significant Bush fire forcing us to turn around.
Stopping at Gatton for fuel we were asked by a very frinedly Servo attendant whether we knew the driver of a C2 Corvette who had left a few minutes before us without paying for her fuel. It seems our fearless trip leader didn't even fear the law.
In the end most of us made it to The Barn at Scotty's Grage where we enjoyed a very nice lunch and were welcomed by the staff who allowed us to park on their lawn to take some nice pictures.
Some of us then had a look at the Museum and Diner hidden inside The Garage. The Barn is a very nice location and is well worth visiting again.

Even though we had a few mishaps, most of us thoroughly enjoyed the run. However, I think Mona needs a little more practice so I suggest she organise another run asap!

On this trip we were accompnied by Vitalii Tairov who produced a magnificent little film about the run. Thanks Vitalii

Written by the anonymous fuel payer


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