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   Weekend of 21st & 22nd May 2016
   President's Weekend - Rainbow Beach



I think describing this year’s president’s run to Rainbow Beach as an epic weekend is just about doing it justice. We all met up at the Hyperdome on Saturday morning and were met by a bunch of clowns! Dressed up in hilarious outfits, it became clear that Glenn and Jayne had gone out of their way to make this trip a success. 

With a C1, a C2, five C3’s and a C4 we had a nice array of Corvettes in our convoy up to the Morayfield servo where a C5 joined the party. Lunch stop was at Eumundi where there was even time to visit the markets for those desperate enough. By the time we left Eumundi all T-Tops had come off (hats off to the C1 and and C2’s for driving topless – the cars that is – from the start) and we enjoyed the run along the brand new Bruce highway towards Gympie. Being one of the last in line, I was able to admire the string of beautiful Corvettes on what was by then an otherwise empty motorway. Coming into Gympie it just so happened that 9 Corvettes lined up next to each other at a red traffic light. Nap time in Gympie ended, when that traffic light turned green. I think this is where trip leader Steve, who had done a perfect job until then, lost control of the situation. Oh, I love my Vette!! After depleting Gympie’s 98 unleaded fuel supplies, we cruised into Rainbow Beach in the late afternoon. The Apartments were absolutely spectacular with ocean views and very luxurious. 

We managed to get in a few drinks on the roof top terrace before a brief rain shower set in. (Again I would like to praise the planning committee as the rain came after all Vettes had been safely parked underground. As you will later see, the rain shower proved to be very important the next day and I’m sure was part of the plan). The party then moved on to the local Bowls club for dinner (and more drinks). Before dinner we were all handed a bunch of money (Bob, you better check the accounts) and a number of auctions were held. Initially somewhat subdued, but once everyone had realised that the articles on offer were actually quite nice, exorbitant prices were offered. The whole proceeding getting somewhat out of hand with money being ‘borrowed’ from neighbours and money being thrown at the auctioneer. An array of games gave everyone the opportunity to win some more money and be even more silly. I think it’s fair to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 

Off course there were some more drinks back at the apartments, but best I don’t go into too much detail here.

Needless to say, everyone was ready for breakfast at 8:00 the next morning. With farewell's all round most people made their way home. Some of us joined together, following Lee through the back roads to Kin Kin. The first stretch was an absolute blast. Hilly, winding roads with a 100 speed limit are just amazing (I’ll have to look it up but I’m pretty sure the limit on that stretch is 100mph). On the way to Kin Kin we had to pass through a stretch of gravel road. Initially Corvette owner’s hearts sank, the spacing between cars grew dramatically. However the previous night’s rain made for a dust free smooth ride through what turned out to be a very nice drive through forest and over hills (enjoyed at a very slow pace).

 From Kin Kin we jetted on into Noosa were we had lunch at the Noosa Marina. Initially planning to get home as early as possible, it didn’t take long to convince me to continue the run along the coast before turning back onto the Bruce highway. A final little highlight was a Corvette procession down busy Hastings Street in Noosa. It doesn’t get much better than that!

 Glenn, Jayne, Elaine, Craig and whoever else was involved in organising this weekend: Thanks a million! I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time.





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