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 Richard and Jo's Mystery Run
25/26 February 2017



This Mystery run was always going to be a special event. Anticipation was great and despite numerous attempts over the preceding weeks no one had managed to get Richard to spill the beans on where the trip was going to go. Drivinf into the unknown was a special experience well worth repeating. For trip details refer to descriptions below.

Many thanks to Richard and Joanne for organizing this unforgettable weekend.
It was also very nice to see a few Downunder Club members at this event.


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Troops starting to arrive at the Hyperdome.
13 Vettes (and one Porsche and a WRX) gathering at the Hyperdome.
The attrition rate was fairly high with the gas pedal gremlins striking at the Hyperdome, taking the first Vette
out before we even got started. At least that took care of the 'on-the-tow' award (Thanks Craig and Elaine).

The trip took us along the Logan MWY, Warrego, up to Fernvale where the first pit stop was called for morning tea.

Crossing the Wivenhoe dam on the way north towards Esk

An unplanned stop was called at Lake Perseverance.
The gremlins had struck again, this time picking on one of our Northside friends.
We understand they had quite a party while waiting for the tow truck. That's the spirit!

A short stop at Crow's Nest to wait for the support crew to catch up.
Time to try on the new QCC caps.

Along the New England HWY we made it to Cooyar where lunch was waiting at the Cooyar Hotel

From Cooyar we headed via Tarong up to Nanango where some thirsty Vettes raided the local Servo's supply of Premium fuel

From Nanango it went north along the Burnett HWY, most turning off onto the Murgon Barambah Rd.
Those that missed the turn-off unfortunately also missed the wine tasting at Moffatdale Winery

The Downunder Club Members enjoying the Winery

From the Winery it was a short run through Murgon and into Wondai.
After a prolonged pool session with snacks and drinks, the evening dinner commenced.

Morning at the Colonial Motel in Wondai

First goodbyes at the Motel, some members were eager to get home to repair their cars (and pride?)

 Heading back through Kingaroy, Nanango, Yarraman to our morning tea stop at Blackbutt.
From Blackbutt we headed through Kingaroy, Woodford, Mt Mee into Samford for Lunch and the end of the trip.

Below a pciture of Glenn and Jayne's black C3

Hard earned award

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