C6 Rumour File

At this stage almost no details about the C6 have been officially confirmed by GM, however there has certainly been plenty of speculation and some spy photos taken. GM is due to unveil the C6 at the Detroit Motor Show 10th January 2004. C6 will go on sale round mid-year 2004, perhaps as early as April 2004.

The C6 will platform share with the already unveiled Cadillac XLR and will be built in the same plant. Platform apparently will be largely unchanged from the C5. Sources claim the C6 will benefit from the Cadillac involvement as this means quality control, paint, panel and interior improvements for the Cadillac assembly line will also be utilized by the Corvette. The Cadillac XLR will have different motor/gearbox to the Corvette and performance won’t be as high but will have extra luxurious features. Styling of the Cadillac is also a probable indication of the C6 direction.

Expect the C5 styling to be very evident in the C6, however the C6 will be more angular and daring with more of the syling from the C3. Styling lines from the C5 will be more emphasized and pronounced giving the car a more aggressive look. One thing that s definitely known is that the C6 won’t have pop-up headlights.

Engine for the C6 will definitely not be overhead cam, other than that reports on engine configuration are widely varying however it generally seems to be agreed that the base C6 will put out around 400—440 HP and will have a displacement of between 5.7 and 6.3 litres.

Gearbox options again are just rumours, but common reports are a 6 speed manual and 5 or 6 speed auto. Curb weight and dimensions will stay about the same as the C5.

One of the big questions for Australians is will it be available in Right Hand Drive. Currently the answer appears to be unknown. It would seem probable that if the Cadillac XLR isn’t available RHD drive then the Corvette wouldn't be either. To date there has been contradictory reports this year from Auto Express in the UK that the XLR will be RHD and from the Sydney Morning Herald that the XLR won’t be offered in RHD. Directly concerning the C6, Ward’s Autoworld reported in August 2000 that the C6 would be offered RHD. More recently there is word from the Corvettes of Southern California Club that RHD drive C6 Corvettes will be available.

Cadillac XLR

C6 Spy Photo with Artists Impression
of what it would look like
with camouflage removed