Fiberglass Corvette

I had originally thought of doing a technical column focusing on some of my projects such as supercharging a C5 or putting C4 suspension under a C1, or cold air induction. However it seemed to me the question on everyones mind was really do Corvettes float.

The logic here is easy to see, boats are made of fibreglass, Corvettes are made of fibreglass so the question is “Can your weekend road warrior double up for a nice trip on the bay for a family fishing trip ?”

Corvette Owners being an adventurous lot, one owner decided to put this to the test with dubious results. It seems yes they do float but only for 8-10 minutes.

Some of the choicer comments from corvette forum members were :

The water box at that track is too deep!!!
We all live in a yellow submarine.
Is that a Stingray or a Shark ?
The names Bond, James Bond. Oh wait, that was a Lotus submarine car.
Stupid is as stupid does!
I guess he mis-understood the part about cars diving under braking!
This is the worst case of hydrolock I’ve ever seen !

Other comments were less complimentary. Seems the driver had a towbar on the C5 and was backing down a ramp with a trailer to collect a jetski. Witnesses said the corvette just kept reversing in until it was floating and the driver swam out.