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The Mothers® Boys

So called because wherever they go, people say “Hey, it’s The Mothers Boys.” James and Andrew are Mothers® Australia and have been Mothers® Boys for their whole lives. Growing up in the house that Mothers® built, they have lived and breathed Mothers® for the last 30+ years.

‘We are passionate about cars, but more so about the people and stories behind the cars. There’s nothing better than a perfectly polished and waxed car, or being able to fix that blemish, scratch or defect and bring it back to better than new.’

There’s a lot of claims out there, however, with the last 40 long years, a group of boffins with degrees in nano chemistry, seek only formulations that provide provable, measurable results so you can be sure you have the best.

Believe it when we say that the product you got a few years ago is different than today. Chemistry and technology improve and Mothers® is at the forefront. That’s why the Mothers® in a bottle this year is better than it was a few years ago. It’s always improving to be the best it can be. Made to a result, not a price.

But having your pride and joy looking stunning is only part of it. It’s about being able to share it with people, being proud of your investment and rolling down the street, window down, the Aussie sun giving your right arm a solid sunburn, and seeing the beauty that some people just don’t see.

Keep ‘em clean. There’s no shine like Mothers®.